Xbox One Revealed

Microsoft has announced it's latest X-box One, after an hour long presentation emphasizing the best parts and the thought behind making X-box One. They said that by making X-box one was't made just as a product, but it is made as the right thing for the moment. Having certain technological advancements and a gloss body block, X-box One has managed to get a lot of attention from the Gamers in general.

Xbox One specs are not officially but thanks to mashable we are able to know that  is running on a 8-core AMD processor with x86 architecture, having 8 gigs of RAM. The multitasking operating system has some additional tweaks like 500 GB hard drive (which is quite adequate), three USB 3.0 ports, and a Blu-Ray drive. It also features 802.11 n/g/b wireless with Wifi Direct, as well as Bluetooth which makes it pretty desirable.

Check out the Quantam break Teaser for Xbox one and let us know, if you like it?

Title: Xbox One Revealed
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