Hang Over 3 Paris Fans Event

Now days two movies are on the top regarding gross production which is ''Iron Man 3'' and ''Fast and Furious 6''. Both are doing great business and breaking records. Iron Man 3 is the second super hero movie which has done the record business after ''The Avengers 2012''. Tony Stark's Car in the movie has created excitement and the other movie is basically belongs to cars, racing and drifting. Now another movie which is joining them is '' Hangover 3''. The fun and craze is at its peak in the third part and in coming weeks it will join the above discussed movies in terms of business.

Bradley Cooper and Heather Graham are showing the thrill and comedy with a new aroma. The Hangover 3 Paris fan Event took place last Sunday where a lot of fans met their movie stars and had great moments.

The last two parts were also amazing and now this time the excitement is triple as it is ''Hangover 3''. It is also the final film of Hangover series. Ed Helms and Justin Bartha also joined the two starts and promote their film at best.

Title: Hang Over 3 Paris Fans Event
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