Justin Bieber Kicked out of the Club

justin bieber caught drinking in bar

Justin Bieber was kicked out of the night club after the cops found out that the club served him liquor and the club got a citation for that too. Bieber who is 19 was in the premises of a night club in Chicago and was allegedly having alcohol and as soon as the police came to know about him and his crew getting into the club they got notice and kicked him out.

The story goes down like this, Bieber and his bunch of loser fellas went into the Bodi night club past Tuesday and the club welcomed them and on top of that they served them alcohol on their order. The police picked the news and reached the spot and caught them bare handed, the club management was investigated and it was soon found that liquor was served breaking the under 21+ rule in absence of parent or guardian which in turn ended into a citation against them.

The ticket was issued by the police to Bodi Nightclub for admitting and knowingly having underage persons in the establishment and the fine is yet to be decided after the case is heard by the hearing officer after which they would be charged, but honestly cops should have beaten them first to give them a lesson of their lifetime but sadly, it didn't happen!
Title: Justin Bieber Kicked out of the Club
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