What happened with Amanda Bynes ?

Amanda Bynes is making her presence to court now days. What happened to her? Firstly she was in problem due to drugs. Than she was taken to court for the bong she threw from the window. She said that I never had a bong in my life. Than for what she got arrested?

She said that she do not drink or do drugs so why she is getting to this. After Lindsay Lohan she is in news due to drugs. She was also arrested in New York due to marijuana possession last week.

She is continually updating her issues to her fans on Twitter. She tweeted, ''I don't drink,please fire the cop who arrested me.''

She is also not willing for the psychiatric test. Her parents are worried about her that she might be in some mental illness. We wish the young actress best of luck for her life. Stay tuned for more news.

Title: What happened with Amanda Bynes ?
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