Usain Bolt Wins 100 meter Again in 9.77 Seconds

usain bolt and gatlin photo moscow 2013
Usain Bolt and Justin Gatlin Moscow 2013 Championship

Wet weather in Moscow, hurting legs and fierce competition all were the hardships faced by Usain Bolt who rose above all in the Sunday Night World Championship which he won with quite an ease. Bolt who initially faced hard challenge from the competitor Justin Gatlin who is surely a good starter than Bolt but not a well matched finisher like Bolt surely. At 30 meters Gatlin was at lead and he thought he would have the title but there came Bolt with those long sharp legs beating him with margin close the finish line.

The competition was amazing and so was the weather as told by bostonglobe but Usain Bolt stole the show while Gatlin secured the second position and Bolt’s Jamaican teammate Nesta Carter took third which was well deserved. On the success Bolt said, "It’s always great to get back your title, I’m happy with myself I got it done." And why would he not be. Gatlin on the other hand said he thought he was on lead and gonna repeat the Rome incident but eventually, "Then I saw these long legs coming up on my right side, He’s great. He’s just great.". Now that's great sportsmanship showed by both of the athletes.

Usain Bolt yet regains the title and walk with all the glory with the Jamaican flag on his shoulders. And ended the event with saying ‘I never look at things as easy. I put in hard work, That’s why I’m a champion. I keep pushing myself as a champion, no matter what. I push myself because that’s what it takes.’’ And it was well observed in that race where he became the champion.
Title: Usain Bolt Wins 100 meter Again in 9.77 Seconds
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