Courteney Cox's vacation was cut short due to her Wrist Break

Courteney Cox

Forty Nine years old Courteney Cox is an American actress, producer and director. She has appeared in the number of block bluster movies. She is known for her roles as Monica Geller on NBC sitcom Friends and Gale Weathers in horror movie Scream. Scream movie is considered as incomplete without her.

Courtney Cox was in Mexico for spending her vacations. She was having good time there. She met a lot of her friends there.She was relaxing and getting entertained there. But she had to quit vacation due to her sudden wrist break. She rushed back to stated as Doctor confirmed that her wrist had broke. Courteney was with friends south of the border when it happened. She slipped and when she tried to came back in balance, her wrist broke. Doctors came to her hotel room and confirmed.

She booked a private jet and get back to states to her home. She did this to take rest in her home and to get checked by her own physician. We wish that she get well soon and get back to work. It happend on Saturday.
Title: Courteney Cox's vacation was cut short due to her Wrist Break
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