Chris Brown to Quit Music

chris brown quitting music forever
Chris Brown Quits Music

Yes Chris Brown has made it public on twitter that this maybe his last album and he will be out of the music world after that, saying coming in music was his mistake that he regrets now. Yet, the interesting part of the tweet was what he said about the mistake telling that he was 18 years old when he made that mistake. Is it about beating Rihanna before Grammy 2009 when he was 19 or meeting her when he was 18 this isn't clear till now.

The exact tweet goes like this,
"Don’t worry mainstream America, After this X album, it’ll probably be my last album.” Telling that it would be the last of his album and he'll be out of the music game altogether then. He further added that, “Being famous is amazing when it’s for ur music and talent. I’m tired of being famous for a mistake I made when i was 18. I’m cool & over it!”.
Here the thing to take note is that he is pretty depressed and mainstream media busted him for beating up Rihanna and being an abusive boyfriend along with many allegations of lesser note.

Is Chris Brown really shameful of his acts as he has presented himself for the hit and run case too which created a lot of fuss in the recent past. Will he be out of the music industry as he is saying or it is another publicity stunt by him to promote his twitter audience comprising of 13 million people, hell yeah that is huge. 
Title: Chris Brown to Quit Music
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