Wes Bentley comes clean about heroin addiction


He struggled a lot. After his success at the age of twenty one in ''American Beauty'' he was disappeared. He was rumored that he is drug addicted. This also cause her wife Jennifer Quanz to leave her and they split.

He was offered two or three movies by well known directors like Christopher Nolan, Tim Burton and Tony Scott. But he did not manage to continue work with them because he was alleged in drug addiction. But opportunities aren't finish, he is coming in film ''Interstellar'' .

"The Hunger Games" actor cleaned up his act in 2009 and got sober. "I've been given this second chance, and I'm going to do everything I can with it," he says. "And with Chris Nolan giving me an opportunity, I'm working with people that I can really learn from. So lets see what he's going to do in his second chance.

Title: Wes Bentley comes clean about heroin addiction
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