Robert Downey Jr. in HTC Change!

Robert Downey Jr part of HTC

Robert Downey Jr. the ultimate Iron Man a tech freak who is accepted by millions is now running with HTC in making them able to gather all the young attention they seem to be losing to the likes of Samsung and Sony. In the advertisement the meaning of HTC is told by Robert Downey Jr. in many ways and giving it an interesting touch too. The brand name HTC which has lost certain amount of respect in the eyes of the users is wanting to climb back on the success ladder, and this might be a good start for that.

In the ad Robert Downey Jr. comes into a conference and being himself just addresses the attendees that we have to change and than various meaning of HTC follow in the ad. We can see that HTC wants to get some attention and we think to put their money on Robert afterall he is the tech guy and the ultimate iron man who is just the man you want to up lift your dying reputation and declining sales. And HTC Here's To Change Campaign will help the company in securing an honorable position it demands after the launch of their sexy cell phones HTC One and now the upcoming HTC One mini on which the company is relying. And the sales will tell if it was worth the gamble or not.
Robert Downey Jr. Htc Phone

Lastly, the charm of Robert Downey Jr. is evident and we cold tell that he sure will stand as the brand ambassador for good. Afterall, he has left showing LG phones in his movies then like Tony Stark's R8 we would also see Tony Starks Mobile phone.

Title: Robert Downey Jr. in HTC Change!
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