Paula Deen Turned Down '' Dancing With the Stars '' Offer

Paula Deen

Season 17 of Dancing With the Stars is going to start on Monday, September 16 on ABC.  Paula Deen is an American celebrity chef, cooking show host, restaurateur and author. 66 yeats old Paula Deen said, "The dance floor is not the appropriate forum for her".

Paula is convinced by many people to take participate in this show but she is not willing. Cheryl Burke has also expressed interest in casting Paula Deen. He said, "Right now, lots of controversial things are happening around her and her situation, and I think coming on something light and fun would be good for her."

Paula Deen is always admired due to her unique food recipes. If she will take participate in the show she would be get out from the situations she is fighting with. It may be a successful show for her. Lest see what will she do!

Title: Paula Deen Turned Down '' Dancing With the Stars '' Offer
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