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Katy Perry is going to launch her new album named 'Prism' and ahead of the launch a week ago the new song as arrived on the surface and we admit that it is a good beat which is really peppy and the lyrics are playful with a pump up beat. 'I've got the eye of the tiger and you are gonna hear me roar' are in the main chorus conveying a hope against the haters we will see how it will do against Katy Perry's Hatters which she is saying light all the haters who held her down.

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So we hope you have enjoyed the song as we think it is a good beat and the future of Katy Perry looks better with the track at hand. The pop masterminds Dr. Luke and Max Martin are behind making this album and they will want nothing but the best from it, so we will see how it performs against the current number 1 in the game song 'Brave' by Sara Bareilles taking appreciations on twitter.

Katy Perry Fourth Album 'Prism' and the first one after 2010 is gonna hit the stores on October 22 and all the Katty Fans are excited for it. We hope that this albums even bigger than the last album "Teenage Dream" which was good for Katy Perry.
Title: Roar Katy Perry Listen Download Online
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