Robert Pattinson & Riley Keough Pair Spotted

Robert Pattinson & Riley Keough dating

We all know how Robert Pattinson was left by Kristen Stewart for a more experienced man, but now Robert is back in dating world and has been spotted with Riley Keough the grand daughter of King of Rock Elvis Presley as reported by Nytimes. We guess the rumors about Robert and Katy Perry died soon. They have been spotted in the car moving back to Robert Pattinson's mansion in Los Angeles.

They were spotted in the same red pickup truck of Robert Pattinson 27 in which he was spotted last month picking up stuff from the ex-girlfriend house in Los Angeles of course. While Kristen Stewart is still busy in Paris Fashion Week, Robert has found a fun way to pass some time and have fun. Fun which Kristen too had with the director of her film Rupert Sanders (older and married at that time) goofing around the town like crazy. 

On the other hand Riley Keough who is also a friend of Kristen Stewart and attended her birthday too, also met Rob on his girlfriend's birthday. She has been out of a serious relationship with Alex Petteyfer the hottie from magic mike who reportedly cheated on her which ended the relation, we hope the two broken pieces join to make a complete one.
Title: Robert Pattinson & Riley Keough Pair Spotted
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