Celebrities with Strong Jawline [Male]

Robert pattinson best jawline picture
Robert Pattinson Jawline

It is an admitted fact that strong jawline is the most defining feature of a face, have you ever came across someone and you found him attractive and remembered his/her face instantly? The reason behind that is the well defined Jawline which miraculously make human faces attractive. And we all know that celebrities have a prime concern in looking good, and having a well defined jawline is a part of it.

Researches show that people with strong jawline are more attractive to the opposite sex, especially in males the Jawline is a major appealing factor. The history also tells that the most attractive men had chiseled jawline and were desirable due to their that jaw quality, and now the most popular and attractive men are TV stars so we wanted to compile a list of these celebrities.

Obviously, you will not like a man with a dull face, a chiseled jawline is what people like and which celebrities have it good? Here are some of them.

Hugh Jack man face shot jawline
Hugh Jackman Jawline 

Ian Somerhalder jawline picture
Ian Somerhalder Perfect Jawline

Brad pitt jaw
Brad Pitt Jawline

jawline men

beckham jawline with little beard
Beckham Jawline

Tom cruise ripped jaw
Tom Cruise Jawline

Title: Celebrities with Strong Jawline [Male]
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