Anna Nicole Film based on Anna Nicole Smith Released

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Most of you may know Anna Nicole Smith, the feisty actress with a unique persona which is unprecedented in Hollywood. The bad girl which had her own ways to deal with things and play with the minds of men, turned rouge and the media saw her downfall within days. At last, she died on Feburary 8, 2007 due the drug overdose after the fights with her husband over the real father of her daughter, which is another story overall.

But, the news here is that the film based on Anna named 'Anna Nicole' in which Agnes Bruckner played the part of Anna Nicole Smith has released and if you want to know about the secret life style of Anna you check that out. The critics have appreciated the efforts of Agnes Bruckner and have given the director the credit of putting together the film so well, a critic on imdb said,

"TV biopics rarely have the sort of depth that a feature has. I was looking forward to this one because I've always admired and enjoyed Director Mary Harron's work. But not even a really good cast and director could make this film any deeper than its subject matter. In all fairness, there wasn't that much to say without speculating -- which wasn't really the purpose of the film."

Though Anna Nicole Smith was a controversial star and even won the worst debut actress award, people seem to be excited about watching her biographic film and are appreciating it.
Title: Anna Nicole Film based on Anna Nicole Smith Released
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