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As we all know that suits has it's season 3 recently and the first episode is watched by millions of people across the globe. But, you may have wondered which song was it when Mike Ross entered the office to talk to Jessica Pearson or the 'I hope you make it alright' i wondered an that is why I decided to compile both the songs in a single post, so that you could enjoy the songs.

The first rock song played at the opening having the lyrics like,

I hope you'll make it alright
I hope you'll make it alright
make you mind up, you get right up
and march to the mouth of the meaningless line up
I hope you'll make it alright
I hope you'll make it alright
you can sell dust and stealing the day like
all that I care just as long as you're sleeping at night.

is the song named Sleeping at Night sung by Caught a Ghost, check it out here,

The Second song is when Mike Ross enters the office to give his resignation and ends up getting a new office, whose lyrics are like,

Fallen for a guy, fell down from the sky
Halo round his head
Feathers in a bed
In our bed, in our bed

The song is Sacrilege sung by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, check it out here.

Hope you like these songs too, because I liked them when I first watched the episode. Enjoy!
Title: Suits Season 3 Episode 1 Songs
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