Jared Leto Shocking Look

jared leto dressed as transexual

Jared Leto the hot vocalist from 30 Seconds to Mars and a real hunk has came down to a skanky look, one that you expect Katy Perry to be in. Okay just to be sure he looks a lot like Katy in the magazine cover of Candy Magazine above and the pink wig really makes her look the homosexual character he is playing in his upcoming film according to hollywoodlife.com. The picture is taken by the famous celebrity photographer Terry Richardson and is going viral among Jared's fans.

Till now you will be thinking how could a guy as Hot as Jared Leto ended up doing something so disastrous to his image of a lead vocalist hunk. The answer to your query is that Jared Leto is going to play a transexual woman in the AIDS-centric movie, alongside Matthew McConaughey  inhis role in The Dallas Buyers Club. What the hell? how could a 41 years old amazing singer do something like that? Same reaction as mine.

Reportedly, Jared is pretty serious about the role and has lost alarming amount of weight and is pulling this difficult while interesting role pretty well. But we can't say anything before we see the whole film, however he looks disgusting in this Pink Wig and blue eyes or he looks hot? Who am I to decide.
Title: Jared Leto Shocking Look
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