One Direction New Tattoos

One Direction the famous band which gained their popularity after the famous show X-Factor, and were signed by Simon Cowell later on. The band is bunch of guys who have fun singing together and usually hang out together, then why not have tattoo together? TMZ reported that Last Tuesday the members of One Direction Zayn, Liam and Louis were found at the local store named Tattooed Heart Studio and got some exciting new tattoos for themselves.

The story goes like this, One Direction stars were just hanging out and suddenly they had an urge to get a tattoo. They sent their bodyguard for the search operation to scan the town and get to know about the best tattoo place, which turned out to be Tattooed Heart Studio. Zayn got the tattoo of a girl's face, which is his latest girlfriend, while Louis wanted to have doodles tattoo of a spider-web on his arm because he loves spider-man, kids love spiderman seriously! Liam stayed idle and enjoyed the KFC treat which he specially ordered his bodyguard to get from the nearest KFC outlet.

This seems like a desperate attempt to become the Man by these boys, having tattoos and fancy cars with bodyguards flying around, wanna be rapper type stuff. But the tattoo work was good and thanks to TMZ we have got the pictures, shown above of their tattoos. Do you like the tattoos? personally I don't like Zayn's Tattoo a lot, what about you guys?
Title: One Direction New Tattoos
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