Super Man-Henry Cavill Talks about the Roles he Almost Got

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Henry Cavill the star of Man of Steel in a recent interview with Peter Travers revealed the roles he applied for and failed to secure in an interview with abc News. Henry Cavill is now on his boom and things are getting better and better for him as he turned 30 this year, but he wasn't so famous back in the days. He admitted that he applied for a lot of roles, including various famous roles too, and got rejected a lot of times. So now we know that securing a leading role isn't a piece of cake even for the stars of a time. But he looked quite at peace with all those rejections, even though he may be frustrated at one time now he looks back and thinks that things work out fine for him after all those years.

Henry Cavill who started his career in the movie Count of Monte Cristo explains in the interview how he got the role for Superman and how he got rejected for the Roles of,

James Bond in Quantum of Solace
Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire
Edward Cullen in Twilight

    Seems pretty interesting isn't it? And he admitted that he got really sad and blue at the time but eventually he moved on and went for auditioning for the other jobs. He said in answer to the question of not getting to play James Bond that, "Daniel Craig absolutely nailed that role and was best man for the job. I don’t care if I don’t get the job if the best guy for the job gets it.". Nice and Easy isn't it? and this should be this way because Daniel was actually good for the job. But for Twilight he told that the authors really liked to picture me in the role of Edward Cullen, but for whatever reason I didn't heard from the Twilight Team. Furthermore, he explained how he got the role for Superman in the Real Steel and how he initially missed the call from Zach Snyder at first and took his time to understand that he actually got the role.

    All and all he sums up pretty good and he looks pretty deep into his character as Superman, Zach Snyder does have some impact on the actors as you know. But what you don't know is that Henry Cavill was named 'Fat Cavill' in his boarding school, the story you might be interested in, so checkout the video above and get amazed!

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