Top 10 Men Hairstyles for Summer

Hairstyle for men is a crucial part of their personality and choosing the right hairstyle is a pretty challenging task for most of the men. Here in this post we would discuss the most trending men hairstyle for the summer season, which will be simple and attractive at the same time. The biggest challenge which men face is finding appropriate hairstyle which goes right with your face structure and makes you look fantastic. In this regard we have tried to compile a list of latest hairstyle for summer, in which we have identified the various face types and the best looking hairstyles for these face structures. For summers the best choice is to have short hairstyles for men and this is what we have. But, here you should note that you have to be smart like these guys to have the best out of your hairstyle, although even if you are not as good looking as these guys you still have chances to get the perfect hairstyle for yourself from these examples.


This first hairstyle is for guys who have a broad and relatively bigger face, in simple language known as the Square face Man. This Hairstyle will go best for them as it adds volume to the hair and takes the attention away from the face, making the hair look more prominent than the facial features. Best results could be achieved by giving texture to your hair, which make the hair look more attractive.

short flick hairstyle square face


If you want to keep things simple and and manageable than this hairstyle will be best for you. The hairstle is simple and trendy and could go with any face structure, but if you have an odd nose then it will surely help keeping attention away from it, the same strategy used by Taylor Lautner to reduce his nose. The flick is surely a attention reducer.

summer flick hairstyle for men


This hairstyle is best suited for men with little curly hairs, all you have t do is do some gentle straightening and pick them up. If your face is little thin then it will suit you best because it adds volume to your face, keep the sides clean and this hairstyle will serve you best.

men curly short hairstyle


You want to keep things simple? This one is for you than. The sober and clean look men have this hairstyle and they love to carry it. This hairstyle really highlights your facial shape and if you think your facial bone structure is vivid then you must try this hairstyle.

men hairstyle decent


Enough of the good boy looks, this is for the bad boys. The attractive and sharp hairstyle which requires a little attention to details but gives you a outstanding look. Teenage boys who have not so clear face should restrain from this style because it requires a sharp face.

short spikey hair


Why should the cool guys have all the fun? Nerds are in style too, and for you nerd guys this is the hairstyle which chicks really dig. You don't have to manage it, just let it go with the flow and enjoy your day with this nerd hairstyle for men.

throw down rough hairstyle


The rough messy look is never old, Edward Cullen pulled it off so well and you could do so too. The hairstyle which really highlights your jawline and your carefree attitude too is this. You would have to consider this if you are not willing to sacrifice a lot of your hairs, teenage guys love this.

men hairstyle easy


Asian guys who have thick black hairs look too good in this hairstyle, because it really is manageable and trendy now a days. Light sides and thick hair on top and flick it sideways to make your face more visible. This hairstyle will make you posh and trendy for sure.

hairstyle for short medium hair


Go for the short hair! This is summer and summer is the season of small hair which relieve you from the heat. This hairstyle is good for a summer change in your outlook and will make you look good if you have distinctive facial features. But if you are chubby, never go for this style as it will make you fat.

short sides spikey top hairstyle


Attempt this hairstyle and have a perfect summer! This is the most easiest to carry and most outstanding of all because it makes you look really cool. The plus point is that it goes with any kind of look and clothing, because it is natural and attractive. You get the smart look of young alpha male with this hairstyle, what else you need?

best hairstyle for men

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