Facebook almost destroyed Paris Jackson

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Paris Jackson the daughter of the legend Micheal Jackson is seriously disturbed after the ridiculing comments she received on her Facebook fan page. For those of you who don't know the whole drama, the story goes like this Paris is real sensitive and now a days she is really upset with her life and the apparent reason which her family also tell to be the root cause of Paris abnormal behavior which includes cutting her veins and attempt to suicide more than one time and now she is in psych ward at UCLA Medical Center.

And now she is again facing these nightmares when people post hateful comments on Paris Jckson's official fanpage, which include all the molestation charges on Micheal Jackson and the way he treated her in his life time. Paris's family told that she take these comments really seriously and gets deeply depressed when she reads them. We have seen the effects of these online bullies and the effects it has on young girls, like the one girl who posted her video before killing herself.

Paris's family is really concerned about this matter and they have contacted Facebook to delete her page, but it wasn't done due to the policies. But it is really encouraging to see the people who are supporting Paris on her Facebook to stay strong, and we do really appreciate their efforts in doing so, because it is just hope that you could give in such a situation.
Title: Facebook almost destroyed Paris Jackson
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