Lil Snupe Killed at 18?

dead rapper lil snupe

The next Rap sensation Lil Snupe who was signed by Meek Mill recently has been shot dead in his apartment today on 20th June, 2013. The official report isn't out yet but the sources have confirmed that Lil Snupe has been Shot dead in his own apartment today in Winnfield, Louisiana. The emerging rapper Lil Snupe lived in Baton Rouge whereas, his hometown was from JonesBoro L.A. People near to Lil Snupe tweeted and confirmed the news in the morning as shown by in this image.

Meek Mill signed Lil Snupe for the Dream chasers when they heard his record for the first time. They loved it so much that after just 20 mins of listening he was signed and Dream Chaser Records were excited to have him. He recently launched his first record and his song Take over took hype on youtube too. But if this news is real than it is a big loss for the rap industry, because the kid had some talent no doubt. What do you think?

Title: Lil Snupe Killed at 18?
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