Kim Kardashian daughter North West not to be Revealed

kim and kanye daughter photoshoot

The born celebrity daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West named North West is not to be revealed any time soon, says the sources. According to recent rumors the baby girl North West was going to be in the upcoming talk show of Kris Jenner, but Kim has refused to do so and is keeping the identity of the baby girl a mystery to be unveiled later on, with a bang.

TMZ has reported that there is a possibility that the girl would be revealed in a photo shoot and the price of the shoot was placed at around $2 Million. But Kim is still thinking about that, and the money would be given to charity, how cool is that? Well Riches aren't scarce in the Kardashian family and the member North West is lucky or may be not. But she sure is rich by birth, and have lots of camera eyes searching her to get the encounter they want with the little girl.

Kris Jenner would be disappointed as it could have boosted the rating of the show to the next level, we wanna know what Kanye West has to say about that decision.
Title: Kim Kardashian daughter North West not to be Revealed
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