Coolest Iphone 5 Cases for Girls

iphone 5 colorful cases

Girls love to have the cool, funky and vibrant cases for their cellphones and the cool-girl designer Mara Hoofman has responded to this need of the iphone 5 users. The cases are available in different amazing colors all from the collection prints of the designer.

iphone 5 lack white case
iphone 5 cases for girls

The cases are available in various bohemian patterns in many colors including white & black, green, orange and a little pink too. The cases do add a little flavor to the pretty dull and same looking iphones that we get as stock and to have the customization of your own, which features your specific blend is a hard job to do, but these cases looks good for the job and we hope that you'll like to have one for sure.

Mara says that her cases are inspired by nature, fantasy, mythology and magic, pulled the brilliant prints from her textile archives to make them look the way they are. And we have to give her that, her cases look good and they are inspired by some of the famous prints of all time like the pow wow got from the resort collection of swim wears and Hunter print from fall 2011 collection. But the best is the ancient looking King Tut collection, which adds a little ancient touch. You can check the collection in detail here.

The collection priced economically and the case costs around $39.95, which is quite reasonable. We don't have any share in the collection but we do recommend you to have a look, and see if you like it!
Title: Coolest Iphone 5 Cases for Girls
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