1940s Men Hairstyles

We all have heard that the fashion repeats itself and hairstyles of 1940s were pretty retro fashionable to be repeated in 2013-2014 and they are in fashion again now a days. If you want to go to a retro party or even a simple party then retro hairstyles could really come in handy giving you a sophisticated formal look which you would like to have to give than edge over others.
Old classic 1940s retro hairstyles for men
Men Hairstyles 1940s

In 1940s they used to have the flattop hairstyles along with crew cuts, now usually we see them on soldiers but back in the days they were the hot shots and could be these days too if styles properly. Other hairstyles were side flip hairstyles and back flip hairstyles which were low maintenance hairstyles back in the days and some of them actually look pretty well. Even stars like Harvey Specter from TV Show Suits has the same back flipped hairstyles along with other celebs like Henry Cavill.

The best ways to make the 1940s hairstyles were to grow little bangs and make them go way back from the ears hence giving a consistent wave to them. For giving the proper styling after combing they used Vaseline or lard to make the hair stand where they belong. The vintage hairstyles looks good on a party or a vintage party and many modern age stars also still have those hairstyles. Check the best looking vintage hairstyles of 1940s in the pictures.

How to Make 1940s Hairstyle For Men

1940s Hairstyle Pictures

1940s men hairs
1940s Side Flick

1940 1950 hairstyles

men classic hairstlyes

crew cuts 1940s men hairstyle

crew cut back style

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Title: 1940s Men Hairstyles
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