Look what Chris Brown did to his New Aventador!

We have seen Chris Brown bashing Rihanna, we have seen him hitting a random girl in a bar but this thing which he did with his Aventador is the ugliest thing he could have done any way. He has taken a Lamborghini Aventador, such a lovely man toy and turned it into a lolly pop by Chris Brown. The crazy paint job is just insane and we just hated the idea, see what you think.

Aventador the same car which Ronaldo got for his last birthday in a matte black color which is quite reasonable we guess, unlike this one. Lets just see how a man likes his ride rather than Chris Brown likes his cars.

You decide which car you like more considering the LP700-4 which costs around $400,000 and has unmached performance specs. But unfortunately, looks like a child car all thanks to Chris Brown!
Title: Look what Chris Brown did to his New Aventador!
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