Ex-Russian Spy Anna Chapman wants to marry Edward Snowden

russian spy in usa anna chapman

Edward Snowden who leaked the data of NSA, and the whole fuss about Prism Program came out after that. He has gone rogue and people don't want him, but the Ex-Russian Spy Anna Chapman who spend years in USA as Real Estate dealer and upon exile from USA became a local celebrity in Russia appearing on a TV show. Yahoo news told Anna Chapman tweeted on twitter yesterday “Snowden, will you marry me?!” and after that she tweeted that NSA will you take care of our children?

This seems to be funny, but yet a mocking statement from Anna Chapman who is 31 and single and Edward Snowden who is in dire need of shelter beyond USA after the data leak incident. Anna Chapman who now runs 'Secrets of the World' TV show has some following and is ready to take Edward Snowden, the data hub of NSA, a clever move indeed. But Russia has refused the news that Snowden has asked for refuge in Russia, interesting because he has been rejected for many asylum request from which he asked for help.

National Security Agency agent is now on a run in USA as his Passport has been revoked and asylum refuge isn't coming his way so we guess that the only standing offer is from Anna Chapman and they'll make a good couple we guess. And she also dreamed the future saying “@nsa will you look after our children?”. The story is just a joke from Anna Chapman or is it?
Title: Ex-Russian Spy Anna Chapman wants to marry Edward Snowden
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