Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco Couple Alert

Super Henry Cavill is really on the move now, he has nailed a Big Bang Theory, yeah you are close he is dating Kaley Cuoco the star of Big Bang Theory and she is all over him. The two actually make a pretty cool couple together, 27 years old Kaley and Henry on his peak age 30 compliment each other well and the news has caught the web when Kaley showed her support and drooling lust on twitter by tweeting a picture of her staring at Henry Cavill Superman poster.

Henry Cavill whi is still on a rebound after dating actress Gina Carano for 10 months, and this is a good step forward because she literally look older than Henry and isn't that sweet as Kaley. And Kaley has made it clear by tweeting that she loves everything about Superman and the peoples magazine also said that they are having a great time together. And this seems to be cool and we hope they last long as Henry is already a big fan of Big Bang Theory and is excited about the relationship.

For Kaley we can't say more, but we hope they make it work as Kaley has not been so good with her exes and we all know how it ended with Big Bang co-star Johnny Galecki after two years of romance and engagement. We hope superman saves this relationship as well and Kaley take the relationship serious, but whatever screw it I don't really care.
Title: Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco Couple Alert
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