Top 7 Celebrities with Hot Beard

Celebrities try to look their best and we know that beards are an attractive feature of your facial persona if kept in the best suited way for your complexion and face structure. We often see our best celebrities having a beard and looking really cool. While, we on the other hand look not so good in beards because we don't know what is best for our face. Check the Top 10 Beard Styles which we discussed earlier which focuses on the facial shape and various factors, which will make you decide the best beard for you. For now we will talk about the celebrity beards.
We know our favorite celebrities look good in beards as well as without them, but we have compiled a list of celebs who pull the beard pretty good and possibly the best. Before going to the list we would like you to grow beard just a try, we would say that each man should try a beard for a month or so in his life because it is really a manly thing to do and it has it's unwritten advantages in sex appeal and personality development, just give it a try and bear it for 2 weeks no matter how bad you look, eventually it will be pleasing to you.

Enough of the talking let's see the best looking celebrity in beard and observe their facial beauty for a while.

#7 Christian Bale

The laid back batman and an amazing actor, with a cute and sexy beard not to much but just enough to be attractive and look good in it. He sure likes the look but the directors don't love it as much so he is seen little in this look.

Christian bale beard style

#6 Ryan Reynolds

When the green lantern isn't saving the world, he is saving his beard. Ryan Reynolds admittedly look hot in beard and every lady vouched for that after watching the sexy slayer in Blade. He has a stylish beard and he styles it pretty well.

Ryan Reynolds beard style

#5 David Beckham

Who other than the hottest sport sensation David Beckham who has always stolen the show with his cool hairstyle and 5'o clock beard, he really enjoys it and goes well with his serious and tough looks.*

David Beckham beard styles

#4 Gerard Butler

The macho man, hot as hell warrior from the ancient times who loves some action and fits to the definition of a 'MAN' rather than a boy, Gerard Butler. He loves his relaxed looks and has a very impressive and intense beard, the one you maybe should try.

Gerard Butler sexybeard

#3 Zac Efron

The sweet college boy from high school musical and 17 again, to a hunk in Charlie st. Cloud all due to his tough looking beard. Maybe it doesn't join well around the edges but it surely serves the purpose of looking hot shot, Zac Efron keeps his beard exclusive.

zac efron light beard

#2 Ryan Gosling

The nice guy or the bad boy, everything suits him and he knows how to look good and attractive even tough he isn't a genetic beauty. Well groomed and talented Ryan Gosling with his just enough beard does look good and that's what he want.

Ryan Gosling in cute beard

#1 Ian Somerhalder

No doubt Ian Somerhalder the sexy villainy vampire who has his own way of dealing with stuff and isn't exactly the good boy. Loved by ladies around the globe and I dare you can't go through five girl's profile on Facebook without finding a photo of Ian in their profile, the charm works and so does the beard. 

Ian Somerhalder in scruffy beard

Surely, beards are good and give you the manly look and most of the girls like it, because it is a masculine feature which one should opt for sure once in a while. 
Title: Top 7 Celebrities with Hot Beard
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