Rapper Riff Raff Says James Franco Copied him

james franco in spring breakers like riff raff

The American Rapper Riff Raff is pretty furious after watching the film 'Spring Breakers' featuring Selena Gomez and the actor James Franco who played a white gangster rapper with tattoos and gold teeth just like him. Is it a sheer co-incidence or did James Franco actually copied Riff Raff? But, the statement after that is even more hilarious, he says that he is suing the film makers for $8 to $10 Million for doing so.

What did I just said, $10 Million for impersonating Riff Raff in a film? First of all Riff Raff should get off whatever drug he is on and then he should ask himself a question has he even seen a Million dollars? Perhaps, the answer is a big no and yet he demands such big money, well he must really drunk talking about this to TMZ in which he said,

"It's like if I have a front yard. And you're planting soil and you're planting trees and building peaches and houses and selling parking lots on my property ... then I  deserve to be compensated for some portion of that money."

Whatever his logic is behind saying that is utter crap i guess, maybe he could get $10M who knows, it is America land of opportunities as they say.
Title: Rapper Riff Raff Says James Franco Copied him
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