Matt LeBlanc turned 46

Whenever the name of Friends will come, you'll surely remember the star Casanova of the show Joey, who always gets the girl so easily. He was the star of the show who got the girl even by saying a simple line like 'How you doing?' yeah no cliche or creative imaginative line. He was a pure entertainer of the show and will be for us, as we like to watch friends every now and then.

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Today is Matt LeBlanc's 46th birthday, a crucial birthday indeed as he is out of serious work now a days and you could see he likes getting old now. Recently, when asked about a Friends Reunion episode, he replied humorously that it would be good to have some money out of the episode.  As for now his personal life isn't that interesting so we guess we won't want to discuss it any further.

It is a big shout from our side, saying Happy Birthday Matt LeBlanc and may you have many more and many more roles like Joey in your life ahead, we miss you.
Title: Matt LeBlanc turned 46
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