Kanya West Attempted Robbery!

Kanye West has been named as a felony suspect in LAX attack as told by TMZ, and the victim has suffered visible injuries the police confirmed and that Kanye West would face charges against him which are assault and theft. Yeah, Kanye is now a thief and is wanted by the police. The incident occurred when he tried to snatch the camera of a photographer and he resisted to give it away. And you know Kanye, he beat the shit out of him.

kanye west snatching photographer camera

The case has been forwarded to Robbery Homicide unit and the file is being compiled against Kanye West after the confirmation by the police that the victim actually suffered from injuries, what do you expect after getting a beating from Kanye West? I guess the photographer would not attempt any celebrity shots for the rest of his life because remember the mad fishes like Kanye West are in the sea of Hollywood.

Case would be reffered to L.A County D.A for possible verdict, and Kanye is most likely to get charged against him. The victim was taken to the hospital as soon as Kanye left him and he is eager to press charges against him. We don't know why people even care to take kanye's pics?
Title: Kanya West Attempted Robbery!
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