Courtney Stodden and Amanda Bynes cat fight getting Ugliest


This fight is going to be ugly one because both Amanda Bynes and Courtney Stodden have spent their last few weeks by ignoring statements for each other. This cat fight has also taken place on Twitter. With time this fight is going to be hilarious.

Amanda Bynes is always curious about others and what she did is creepy sometimes. Sometimes she is busted by Cops and sometimes she says that Cops sexually harassed her. She is also a Twitter Queen because she respond to everyone on it. Her photos on twitter had also became a news.  On the other side Courtney Stodden is also in the news  because of her weird acts. Now days she is having problem with her husband but its her personal life and not a big deal. Here's the story which happened:

Someone asked Courtney Stodden that what would she do if Amanda Bynes called her ugly ? What was Courtney answer on this question? Courtney replied, '' I would call her ugly too.''

So lets see what  will happen next. Is it getting hard? How will Amanda reply to her? May be it will be on Twitter or a live action. If they will continue responding each other than this fight will be an ugliest one. Let's see who will win this cat fight or they will stop insulting each other.

Title: Courtney Stodden and Amanda Bynes cat fight getting Ugliest
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