Brock Lesnar Recovers from Stomach Injury

brock lesnar with wife in restaurant

The star of UFC and the beast of WWE the worst F-16 hitter who was off the track after his stomach injury in 2009 for which he was dropped from UFC after several surgeries and still the problem remained unrecoverable. But, now he is back on track and has been found in a restaurant in Montclair, NJ last Monday where he was found almost gulping as much food as he can along with his wife Sable. Seems like a good sign of recovery that he finally out having a Fresco Restaurant.

The machine fighter known for his unmatched strength even agaisnt the likes of world's strongest men like Mark Henry who he put to sleep with his finisher was little out of his game from the past year, even though he made a return to WWE but couldn't create much of an impact that he used to have in the game fighting the Nest Big thing Rock and Triple H. But, he was in his game in the Fresco Restaurant and he ate these dishes according to source.

-- Ahi tuna with asparagus (shared)
-- Margherita pizza (shared)
-- Chicken Parm ... with TRIPLE-EXTRA chicken
--Full bowl of parpadelle bolognese

Brock Lesnar was suffering from severe diverticulitisa disease which arises in the large intestine and cause serious health hazards. But, the wrestler seems to be in good form now and we hope to see him with the same impact and hot shots in the ring soon.
Title: Brock Lesnar Recovers from Stomach Injury
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