Flo Rida Cleared the DNA Test

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Flo Rida the famous rapper is finally relieved after clearing the DNA Test which shows that he isn't the father of a 2 years old kid down in Florida. For the guys who don't know the whole story, Flo Rida was jumped up  the guys at child support after the report from a lady saying that Flo Rida the famous Rapper is the father of his child. The news took off and the sympathy was with the lady, but Flo Rida can't complain Rappers do have a personality like that.

Gloria Holloway the women from Florida filled a case of child support against Tramar Dillard a.k.a Flo Rida saying that Flo Rida fathered her child. On which a DNA test was conducted and the DNAtest results showed that Flo Rida was good to go, there were 0% chances that he is the father of the child and is relieved after the good news. Now, Flo Rida's attorney is filling the results of the test to Department of Revenue to refrain the child support suit immediately.

Now Flo Rida is saying to cut the crap out and live him in peace, that's what his lawyers told TMZ too, "Flo Rida is absolutely not the father of the child and does not expect to hear anything else on the subject.". That was harsh to the child, why would the mother do that? Maybe she was after some easy bucks or was really drunk that night? or maybe Flo Rida found a way to get her off his head. Who know right? It was just a Whistle Blower.
Title: Flo Rida Cleared the DNA Test
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