James Gandolfini Different Avatars during his Lifetime

James Gandolfini the young age actor who finally gained the publicity he demanded after the show named Sopranos in which he was playing the role of Tony Soprano who is the crime lord but is in distress of managing his family life and career. But that wasn't it, the people knew him as the Virgil from True Romance who a women beating freak, a stuntman in Get Shorty and Carol the impulsive wild thing from the movie Where The Wild Things Are.

From the time when he was born in 1961 till his death in 2013, his life was a wide spread of ups and down belonging to a humble family where his mother was a lunch lady and father was a cement mason he grew into the 'Tony Soprano' in the eyes of many. He was interested in acting from an early age and took part in plays during his high school along with playing basketball regularly. He acquired bachelors in arts degree from Rutgers University and worked as a bouncer in the local pub. Later he was promoted to be the bar tender in a club in Manhattan, which was a good job considering his title 'Flirt of the Class' given in his High School Schoolbook. After the downs he saw, the up was when a man from New York came to him and offered him to come to the Hollywood world and learn acting for two years, which he did.

After that he started his career from 1992 Broadway show to 1993's True Romance and The Juror in 1996. But, the big break which made him famous was the Sopranos, HBO show which featured him as Tony Soprano andhe won 3 Emmys for best actor in a Drama. He was liked by the audience and loved by the jury you can say, and he remained the part of it till 2007. After which he turned into Documentaries and made documentary over 10 soldiers from Iraq war named Alive Day Memories: Home From Iraq which too was nominated for Emmy Award.

In his Final days he was on a brief vacation in Italy and had a cardiac arrest which made him leave the world, his son 13, found him and called the Paramedics but couldn't save him. He was a legend and his absense was felt by almost every celebrity and major politicians who wrote about him and the grief they had of his death. The chapter of his life is closed, but the characters are everlasting and will remain everlasting in the eyes of his fans.

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 james gandolfini 60 years old smiling

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From his enterance in 1987 with Shock Shock Shock till the end in his post production, his identity was unique and fitting to each role. There was just one James Gandolfini and there will be just one till eternity!
Title: James Gandolfini Different Avatars during his Lifetime
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