BMW R1200R a Dream Bike?

You might have seen a bike which instantly turned your head around and in a reflexive way you would have said that this is the bike i need and it is my dream bike. Most of us had the dream and we just came across this beautiful piece of engineering which is crafted by the thoughts of LAZARETH, a BMW R1200R which is too damn hot.
cool bmw bike

A french client needed a 'neo-retro scrambler' and the guys at Lazareth granted his wish with this low-key BMW R1200R which is a muscular bike. Now the rear as you can see isn't clustered as they say 'We kept only the engine and the Paralever suspension at the rear' and they also widened the bike to give the proper bulked up look with the twinduro tires.

bmw custom bike r1200r

bmw r1200r

I don't know whether you like it or not, but we think it is a hot beast one of it's kind and you should totally take it for a ride when you want some action.
Title: BMW R1200R a Dream Bike?
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