Andy Murray Shirtless on Beach

andy murray with girlfriend bahama beach

The recent Wimbledon champ Andy Murray who won his first title and end the 77 years long wait for Britain to have the champion of their own after beating the tough competitor Novak Djokovic in a tough match. The heat of the matches was too much for Andy and that is why he decided to cool off at the beaches of Bahamas. And now we found his images with his girlfriend in which he is shirtless and flaunting his athletic structure.

Andy Murray who is 26 years old and recently had the win of his lifetime is now in Bahamas and while Novak DjoKovic is learning to drive a tractor, Andy Murray is playing beach Wimbledon with his girlfriend Kim Sears 25, and Andy is looking quite good and was reportedly well in beach Wimbledon too and why not he be. But let's have a look at Novak Djokovic's new ride too courtesy of TMZ.

novak djokovic new ride a tractor

The competition though was fierce between them, Andy seriously got the trophy he deserved and now it is for us to see that whether he will be able to retain his position in the next cup or not?
Title: Andy Murray Shirtless on Beach
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