Top 10 Night Clubs of the World 2013

Night life is all about pleasure, party and enjoy. No matter where you are, when it comes to night clubs they catch you towards themselves. Today in the top countdown we are here with the top ten night clubs in the world. They are luxury, they are big and they are the places which gives you endless entertainment. Whether its New Year Eve or any other event, you are going to have good time. Scheduled parties are arranged where singles and couples can drink and dance away. Music is loud and party is on, check out this countdown.

10. Club Space 


This night club is located in downtown area of Miami. Its status is open. Here people from all over the world come because of its famous music by DJ Tiesto. Stars often came here to enjoy the party. Its a place where one can have fun and remember able time. It is owned by Justin Levine.

9. Hacienda



Hacienda is the England's most famous night club located in Manchester. Its lively music and cool crowd make this a attractive place for people. Different events are hosted here. Some are traditional which are exclusive events organized by Hacienda. Other events took place on weekends or special nights. Its music is historic. 

8. XS Night Club


This luxurious night club is located in Las Vegas. The beautiful place is on of the busiest night clubs in the world. The big dance floor and pool side area looks impressive. Many United States nationals said that they love this place after Disney Land. Number of events took place here. 

7. Cavo Paradiso


The special thing about this is night club is that it is open air and on the Paradise Beach, located in Mykonos, Greece. The beach party here gives the ultimate entertainment to people. Here you can see the people of every age. Open air venue is attractive. Pool parties have made this wonderful place full of pleasure. Americans love to visit this because the pool party is illuminated and on the level that they can't conceive.

6. Octagon

Located in Seoul, South Korea, this night club an amazing  is an amazing place. Well it is not an old night club. It just opened two years before in 2011 but it has made place in the top ten countdown. The indoor pool, restaurant, pleasing lights and dancing music has made this enormous place. You might see Jessica Alba and Steve Aoki here because they said that it is an excellent party place.

5. Anzu Club

This club is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This place is famous for women. This huge club has capacity of 3000 people. All famous DJs of the world are here to rock the party. Paul Van Dyk, Skrillex, Alesso and Steve Angelo mash the music so that it becomes a place for endless entertainment. There are relaxing rooms too. Anzu Club is celebrating fifteen years of best night life in 2013.

4. Zouk

This huge night club with the capacity of 3000 is located in Singapore. Asian community love to spend time here. The illuminated place has events which took place on weekends. The screaming and cheerful crowd is always here for the blast. Zock out is their famous festival which is hosted by DJs like Hardwell, Avicii, Sven Vath and Marco Carola

3. The Bank


The Bank is located in Las Vegas, United States. The unique and attractive thing about this night club is that its entrance is lined with 500 bottles of Cristal champagne hanging from ceiling. Its a premium choice in Las Vegas because of its exclusivity and elegance.

2. Green Valley


This club has an enormous view. Brazil had a tragic and hellish fire in a nightclub in which 235 people killed. After that night clubs were being avoided by the people but Green Valley has maintain the standards and get the people back. Now it is an amazing place in Camboriu, Brazil. Night life means Green Valley. Here you will find the tourists, Brazilian women, drinks and their lovely techno music which is played by famous DJs in the town.

1. Pacha Ibiza

Located in Ibiza, Spain. Known for its home music, events, champagne and women Pacha Ibiza is on the number one in top ten countdown. The luxury and huge night club has in door and out door entertainment. If you want to sleep after party you can stay in the club. Dancing all night in events organized by this club is an amazing experience. Its famous 80's and 90's dance tune is relaxing. Fusion dinners and special food served with drinks is unforgettable for the crowd. Pacha is a place for endless entertainment.

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