Lindsay Lohan's Movie Sucks and She Admits

lindsay lohan stripping on pole

Lindsay Lohan who is a mess right now, has messed her movie pretty badly too. The movie released recently named 'I Know Who Killed ME' is the worst thing that could happen to movie making and has flopped miserably and Lindsay knows it. As you may know Lindsay Lohan is in Rehab and yesterday, on her birthday she got the permission to use internet for a while in the facility and guess what she did.

On twitter a fan tweeted,
"@lindsaylohan can you tweet me I seriously watched I know who killed me twice last night."

Lohan's response to this shows how much she liked her work, -- "two times too many!"

Yeah well really two times could be too many for that, but you could of course watch it (after muting it) for strip dance as it could be worth it, because she is playing a stripper in the movie. But, we would recommend not wasting your time with the movie seriously unless you like watching movies that get 3.6/10 on imdb!
Title: Lindsay Lohan's Movie Sucks and She Admits
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