Dexter Season 8 What to Expect?

The season 8 for Dexter is in and here is a quick review so far. Dexter's sister Deb knows everything about the killings and the ways of killing of Dexter. But she is finding it hard to keep it a secret keeping in view at her moral duties as a cop. Dexter is kind of puzzled but finding joy in his killings and is getting more bold in his instincts. And he has fallen for a new girl, which he found pretty interesting, named Hannah McKay another serial killer of his kind. Hannah has turned against his family and wanted to kill Dexter's sister but he turned her into jail but she escaped, not a spoiler of course.

However, things are going to get little interesting this season because of the newly created mystery over Deb's character, will Deter be exposed? Will he survive or not? He is gonna get exposed that is for sure, i mean they all do. But about Dexter getting killed I am not so sure about that, see what other characters think of this situation.

Micheal C. Hall yes Dexter himself said,
"Dexter has been playing faster and looser with the code for some time now, and I think there's some unconscious desire to reveal himself and that may manifest itself through reckless behavior"
Jennifer Carpenter, who plays Deb said,
"She had a feeling Dexter wouldn't die. "At the end of the season? No," she said. "Someday? Yes, because we all do."
And finally the maker EP Sara Colleton said,
"We all know that no matter what we do there are going to be a lot of people who are unhappy with it. We're trying to not think about that and just think of what everyone who has been on the show from the beginning feels is right and that's all we can do. No matter what we do we'll still be excoriated."

Well we can't judge anything from these statements but looks like that Dexter is going to survive and live a happy life killing or maybe nor let's watch the Finale season to find out.
Title: Dexter Season 8 What to Expect?
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