Tom Cruise Turned 51

tom cruise aging in one picture

No doubt one of the most age less celebrity Tom Cruise has made it 51, still looking like a 35 years old and having the body of a 23 years old. No surprise chicks love him, he is adorable and still young at 51 years of age, even though he has crossed 50 and entered the age where most of the guys of his age are old rags he is amazing zestful and healthy.

In the recent movie, Mission Impossible 6 he was the same impossibly handsome guy he was in 1980's as a young kid. He has no ambition to stop and wants to enjoy life to the fullest, driving a race track car at 250 mph or making a 360 degree turn on a helicopter Tom Cruise is doing it all and of course giving out hits for his fans never gets old.

We here would like to congratulate him on his birthday and expect that he will have many more. Tom Cruise is the same hunk he was when we were growing up and he is still the same hunk and we expect him to remain the same way for another 50 years (maybe that's a little too much to ask) who knows he will be the same at his 100th birthday.
Title: Tom Cruise Turned 51
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